About Math Addvantage

Math Addvantage is an independent, local tutoring center in Eagan, Minnesota that has been specializing in math tutoring for over 25 years. We were just voted the Best Tutoring Program in Eagan by the Sun-Current Readers’ Choice Awards for the 6th time in seven years!

Most people hear about Math Addvantage from neighbors and friends that speak highly of our solid reputation. While some services boast national or even international status, Math Addvantage is proud to simply say that no other math tutoring company provides a more personalized and influential service to its students and their parents.

We offer math tutoring for all grade levels, from elementary math to college-level courses. With our depth of math knowledge we are able to provide the highest possible level of math expertise. In addition to Math tutoring, we offer ACT Prep for all sections of the exam, Summer Math and our foundation-building Math PLUS program for our younger students.

Our Tutoring Center

Our inviting tutoring center provides a rich environment for learning. Our tutors collaborate with each other, generating ideas and energy that benefit our students. Because our space is dedicated solely to tutoring, it allows us to readily access books, extra practice problems, cross-references and curriculum-based enrichment materials.

The result? Thousands of students, from dozens of schools, have achieved truly positive outcomes and a thorough understanding of math concepts, leading them to even greater personal and scholastic rewards.

Our Tutors

Our tutors have an unmatched level of math expertise and include licensed teachers, engineers and mathematicians. Beyond their technical understanding of mathematics, our tutors are able to teach difficult concepts in a variety of ways.

Meet Our Tutors

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I want to express my immense appreciation of how much you helped Katie. She needed your expertise, support and involvement. She knew that not only could you help her understand the academic part, but you also believed in her ability to do the work — and genuinely cared about her as an individual.”