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ACT Addvantage is proudly partnering with Edina Community Education to offer our Comprehensive ACT Course!

ACT scores matter! They play a vital role in college admissions as well as scholarship opportunities. ACT Addvantage has tutored hundreds of students in all subject areas of the ACT Exam. We have consistently helped our students achieve higher ACT scores.

"Both my kids have taken the ACT Addvantage ACT prep class and both had amazing results.  My second son took the ACT four times and had the same score each time. He attended another prep class and did lots of practice tests from a book.  Neither of these things increased his score. He took the ACT Addvantage's ACT prep class in August and his September ACT score increased 5 points. The 5 point increase not only gives him more options but he now qualifies for 8k more per year in merit aid at his first choice school. Best investment ever!!"

Our Approach

We Recommend the Following:

  1. Formulate an individualized ACT plan based on goals, learning style, and schedule.
  2. Complete a Comprehensive Course or Private ACT Tutoring, depending upon the needs of the student.
  3. Evaluate ACT score results.

Our ACT Tutoring is conducted In Person at our center and Virtually via Zoom utilizing a collaborative whiteboard. 

For In-Person tutoring: The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. We have invested in a needlepoint bipolar ionization system for our center that purifies the air. This system has been installed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, and office buildings. Because all students do not have the option to be vaccinated, masks will be required for In-Person Tutoring. We may inquire about vaccination status.

FAQ About Virtual Tutoring

ACT Addvantage Programs

Comprehensive ACT Course

11th and 12th graders

The Comprehensive ACT Course reviews all subjects of the ACT: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Writing. Offered prior to most nationally scheduled ACT dates. The class is limited to 20 students. 

Comprehensive ACT Course Details and Registration

Private ACT Tutoring

Our Private ACT Tutoring provides 1-on-1 review and instruction tailored to an individual student's needs. Instructors, experts in their respective fields, handle the different subject areas of the ACT.

Private ACT Tutoring Details and Registration


ACT National Test Dates:

April 17, 2021
June 12, 2021
July 17, 2021
Sept 11, 2021
October 23, 2021
December 11, 2021
February 12, 2022
April 2, 2022
June 11, 2022
July 16, 2022

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I went in expecting that ACT Addvantage would help boost my test scores... and they did!”