Our Math PLUS (Progressive Learning Using Singapore mathematics) program is ideal for increasing math skills of elementary and middle school students of all abilities using the internationally recognized Singapore math curriculum. Math PLUS provides children with a solid math foundation and confidence by promoting active thinking processes, communication of mathematical ideas, problem solving and good study skills. 

About Singapore Math

Singapore math is a method of teaching that gives students a solid understanding of basic concepts and relationships before they start working on an abstract level. Singapore math helps students to become adept problem solvers as they develop the ability to organize information using a practical, visual approach to logically work through word problems and other math questions. While the current approach to math in the U.S. is broad, touching the surface of many math topics at an early age, Singapore curriculum emphasizes mastery of the basics before moving on to a new area. This approach to math at a younger age helps students to be better prepared for the more abstract and complex math in high school.

Our students attend one - to - one 45-minute session per week at Math Addvantage and are guided by a tutor through their Math PLUS lessons. Each student's assignment is modified based on initial testing, need and ability. Corresponding workbook assignments are then given for independent completion at home. Cost $65 per 45-minute session


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Here is what one parent had to say about our Math PLUS program: 

In our race to academically advance our kids we have forgotten something…the basics. We have put too much focus on accelerating the curriculum by introducing first graders to “pre-algebra” and “geometry” concepts. While these skills are needed (eventually), they cannot be understood completely without a solid understanding of basic math facts. 

When our oldest daughter was in 11th grade, her pre-calculus teacher was appalled by the inability of many students to perform basic division and addition of fractions. We have since enrolled our 7th grader in Math PLUS. In solidifying her basic skills we know she will be able to enter high school in a much better position. Math Addvantage has really helped her to succeed and keep up the momentum in her advanced track math.

Frequently Asked Questions about Math PLUS 

How does Math PLUS coincide with school math?

Math PLUS is a separate curriculum. While the concepts learned in Math PLUS will help students with their schoolwork by building a solid foundation, they are not directly linked. However, our students are free to bring their homework to the session too.

How long should I expect my child to be enrolled in Math PLUS?

There are a total of 12 levels, with each level taking 3–6 months to complete. Each student starts at a different level and has different needs, so the length of time that each student is enrolled varies.

Are we committed to continue for any length of time if we decide to try Math PLUS?

No. We simply ask for a 15 day notice before withdrawal.

What is the cost for Math PLUS?  

 Math PLUS costs $65 per 45-minute session.


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Our tutors have an unmatched level of math expertise and include licensed teachers, engineers and mathematicians. Beyond their technical understanding of mathematics, our tutors are able to teach difficult concepts in a variety of ways.

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I just want to let you know how great you and your staff are (still!!) I keep sending people to you even though I haven’t used your services for almost 3 years. The feedback is awesome! One child asked her mother ‘when can I go back?’ So, thank you to everyone at Math Addvantage for all you do — not only what you did for my children, but for all those now and in the future that will come to you. All kids can learn math!”