Math Addvantage Programs

School-Year Tutoring

Math Addvantage offers Private and Small Group options for school-year tutoring, and we will help you select the best choice for your family. Because we have a team of teachers available, we are able to schedule each student with the teacher that matches his or her needs and learning style. Our school-year options are:

  • Private & Small Group Tutoring
  • Math Add Drop-In: extra help nightly for enrolled students
  • Final Exam Reviews
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ACT Addvantage

Our ACT Addvantage preparation program helps ready students for the ACT College Entrance Exam, which tests the knowledge and application of many different concepts — some of which students have not worked with for several years. Students who have committed to our programs develop the confidence and skills they need to do their best, allowing them to consistently achieve significantly higher ACT scores than students who didn’t prepare for college entrance exams with us.

  • Comprehensive ACT Prep Course Entering 11th–12th Grades
  • Private ACT Tutoring
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Our Math PLUS (Progressive Learning Using Singapore mathematics) program is ideal for increasing math skills of elementary and middle school students of all abilities using the internationally recognized Singapore math curriculum. 

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Summer Programs

Summer is the perfect time to fill gaps, sharpen skills, and prepare for the next school year.

  • Private and Semi-Private Math Tutoring All Grades
  • Math PLUS Entering 1st–8th Grades
  • ACT Addvantage Prep Entering 10th–12th Grades
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Math Addvantage Programs

Our Tutors

Our tutors have an unmatched level of math expertise and include licensed teachers, engineers and mathematicians. Beyond their technical understanding of mathematics, our tutors are able to teach difficult concepts in a variety of ways.

Meet Our Tutors

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In response to a positive email from a student’s teacher at school: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Much of the credit for this note I received today goes to you. Thank you for tutoring Megan, teaching the necessary skills and, more importantly, giving her the confidence to do well. You can’t begin to imagine how much we appreciate you!”