Virtual Tutoring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Tutoring with Math Addvantage

Q. How does Virtual Tutoring work for private math sessions?

  • Your student will have access to an online whiteboard which is shared by their tutor. They will both be able to view and write on the whiteboard simultaneously.
  • The technology provides live audio chat which allows the student and tutor to communicate with each other in real time.
  • Users will be able to upload pictures or screenshots of worksheets and textbook pages for the tutor and student to work on together.

How does this work if my student is in a math group?

  • Your student will meet the tutor on zoom where a shared whiteboard can be accessed.

How does this work for ACT tutoring?

  • For our Comprehensive ACT Course, the students will meet their instructor on Zoom. The tutor will be sharing a whiteboard with the students.
  • For our private ACT students, the student and tutor will meet via Zoom and access a collaborative whiteboard.

What equipment will my student need?

  • A touch screen device, such as an iPad, cell phone, or touch screen computer
  • A stylus is helpful
  • Internet access

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