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The tutors at Math Addvantage have taught math for over 25 years, providing an unmatched level of math expertise. As a result, we effectively tutor all grade levels, ranging from elementary math to college-level courses. Thousands of students have achieved positive outcomes and thorough understandings of math concepts. read more

Math Matters

In a recent speech given to a conference of governors, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates explained that our fourth-graders rank among the top students in the world in the subjects of math and science. Those students have slipped to the middle of the pack by eighth grade. By 12th grade, U.S. students are scoring near the bottom of all industrialized nations.

According to a recent news release, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings released a parent checklist that outlines key things parents can do to help ensure their children are prepared for higher education, as well as the competitive workforce of today’s global economy.

The parent checklist encourages parents to engage in their child’s education and future, including reminding them of the importance of math and science and taking four years of each in high school, even if it is not required.

Undoubtedly not all children will grasp this idea of competing for jobs in a global market. Yet as committed parents, we can at least keep their possibilities open by ensuring our children are proficient in math. We can choose to begin a more concerted effort to provide our children with a strong foundation in math. In doing so, we can help them understand and enjoy math, holding open future doors and possibilities.

How can I thank you guys enough? I absolutely hated the thought of math going into my sophomore year, and now I’ve been accepted into one of the best engineering schools in the nation!”


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