School-Year Tutoring

In-Person & Virtual Tutoring at Math Addvantage

Math Addvantage has always valued the critical relationship between the student and the tutor. We can either meet with your student at our center, or we can meet your student virtually. Many families are opting for In-Person tutoring at our center, but they also desire the convenience that Virtual Tutoring offers. Our Approach

Tutoring Options

Math Addvantage offers Private and Small Group Tutoring both in-person and virtually. We can help you select the option that best fulfills your student’s needs. In order to establish a working partnership, students typically meet with their tutor once a week — though depending on the needs of the student, sometimes more than once a week is needed. Matching each student with a tutor that best suits his/her learning style is our priority. Tutors communicate with parents regarding their student’s progress on a weekly basis. Meet Our Tutors


  • 45 Minutes
  • 1:1 Student-Tutor Ratio
  • $65/Session*
  • Math Add Drop-In**


  • 60 Minutes
  • 1:1 Student-Tutor Ratio
  • $80/Session*
  • Math Add Drop-In**


  • 45 Minutes
  • 2:1 Student-Tutor Ratio
  • $55/Session*
  • Math Add Drop-In**


  • 60 Minutes
  • 2:1 Student-Tutor Ratio
  • $70/Session*
  • Math Add Drop-In**

Small Group

  • 60 Minutes
  • 8:1 Student-Tutor Ratio
  • $45/Session*
  • Math Add Drop-In**

In-Person Tutoring

Our In-Person Tutoring is held at our center located at 1474 Yankee Doodle Rd in Eagan. Our inviting tutoring center provides a rich environment for learning. Our tutors collaborate with each other, generating ideas and energy that benefit our students.

The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. Since tutors and students sit next to each other for extended periods of time, we may require masks to be worn periodically. Thank you for your understanding!

In the case of sickness, weather, or vacation, we can transition to a virtual tutoring session.

Virtual Tutoring

Math Addvantage has always valued the critical relationship between the student and the tutor which is why we were intent on finding a solution that simulates a face-to-face meeting. Virtual tutoring is designed to replicate an individual tutoring session using an interactive whiteboard.

Students and tutors will be able to communicate in real time. Assignments can be uploaded to the whiteboard, where the tutors and students will then be able to work on them together. Virtual Tutoring FAQ

You guys are THE BEST. I am so thankful for your knowledge and especially your approach with the kids!! What a gift.”

Our Approach to Tutoring

Sessions follow the 3-step approach:

1. Question & Answer

Many sessions begin with the student’s questions. To assess the student’s understanding of the past week’s material, the tutor will often observe his/her problem solving skills.

2. Review of Current Homework

Our goal in reviewing homework is to instill confidence with the current concepts. We reinforce the skills needed to complete the homework assignment independently.

3. Pre-teaching

For many students, extra processing time to gain understanding of a concept is invaluable. Pre-teaching of an upcoming concept will improve comprehension and confidence. (Pre-teaching is omitted when preparing for a test or quiz.)

Test Preparation

Getting ready for an upcoming quiz or test is a high priority. To prepare our students, tutors utilize the center’s supplemental materials along with school assignments. We also strongly encourage our students to use Math Add Drop-In during this time.

Your Local Math Experts

Math Addvantage tutors empower students by teaching difficult concepts to match their unique learning styles.

Eagan High School Final Exam Reviews

Our popular EHS Final Exam Reviews are an excellent preparation for each trimester’s math final exam. While in a group setting (based on subject and school), students are tutored using a review written by Math Addvantage. Topics from the previous trimester are covered and any weak areas will become apparent before the exam. Costs range from $50 – $65.

AP Calculus AB Review

AP Calculus AB Review prior to the May 2023 Exam – BC students will find it helpful too!

We offer an in-person review session in anticipation of the upcoming AP Exam. Our review consists of AB Calculus content review, practice test problems given in a testing situation, and a review of the test problems.

Calculus BC students will also find the review beneficial. When a student takes the AP Calculus BC Exam, they will receive a Calculus AB subscore in addition to their regular score. The Calculus AB subscore shows how they did on the part of the exam devoted to Calculus AB topics, which is approximately 60% of the exam.

More details closer to test date.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tutor elementary math through college calculus.

Our tutors include licensed teachers, mathematicians and engineers who are completely comfortable teaching all levels of mathematics. Meet our Tutors

Math Addvantage’s popular Drop-In sessions are staffed by our experienced tutors and offer students the opportunity to come in without an appointment to ask questions and/or get help for an upcoming test.

  • Held every Monday – Thursday from 8:00–9:00pm at our center.
  • Available for no additional charge to students in all math subjects who are enrolled in regular, weekly tutoring.

There is no contract or registration fee. We require only a 15-day notice to withdraw from the program.

If your student is unable to attend their session, please contact the office at least 48 hours in advance. We will make every effort to find another available time.

For cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, or an opening does not become available, we encourage your student to attend Drop-In (offered Monday-Thursday from 8-9pm during the school year). Please note, cancellations and missed sessions are non-refundable.

  • The prices reflect a discount of $5.00/session when enrolled in the monthly automatic credit card charge.
  • We offer a 25% Sibling Discount for the second registered student. Both students must be enrolled for weekly School Year Tutoring sessions. Please contact our office for details.

*The prices above reflect a discount of $5.00/session when our regularly weekly students are enrolled in the monthly automatic credit card charge. 
**Math Add Drop-In, exclusive to Math Addvantage, is available for all students through Honors Precalculus enrolled in weekly Private or Small Group Tutoring. Students are encouraged to drop-in between 8:00pm – 9:00pm Monday through Thursday to ask questions.

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